New Record Reviewed in Maryland Music Magazine

Dali's Watch - Breakfast Serial (Ravenhurst) ....


In October 2014, Ravenhurst Records will be releasing the progressive and experimental debut from the Maryland band Dali's Watch titled Breakfast Serial. The album was recorded at both Dogland Studios and with…

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Almost there

Album coming off the press this week.  Will be working a release date then with the label, and tour details, stand by!

Mix all done, songs sounding great!

All 12 tracks are mixed and now in preparation for print and release.  Get a free listen on the Dali's Watch page of the new album before it's released.

Mix nealry done

With six of twelve mixed we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Should be done in a few weeks and then preparing for release.  Many years of work in this one, pinnacle of creativity!  Dali's'll…Read more