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DALISWATCH - Breakfast Serial
(Ravenhurst Records - 2014)


Maryland trio Dalis Watch don't watch out for anyone with their approach. The approach in this case being aggressive, grinding grunge rock with an added dose of modern day rock dirge dropped into the holes. 

Strongly nurtured numbers such as 'Blissful Ignorance', 'Without a Whisper', 'Little Man Angry', 'Moonlight Weeps', 'Ray Of Light', 'Price Of Freedom' and 'Ghosts Of The Past' plus a titanium take on Duran Duran fave 'Ordinary World' tackle all the favourable alternative rock moves of the last two decades and get it in the net to applause here. Ripe guitars and gravelly vocals from leader Mic Wynne are there to nod heads at the huge Seattle names with a wink while working on how they will do the damage with their own inventive weapons.

Stand back, because I'm sure I just heard a window being broken...


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Bush & Porcupine Tree.


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