Mic's guitars sound is one of complex and unusual chording, and soulful, skillful soloing.  His sound and style is often dark and haunting, with great dynamic shifts between acoustical passages, and distorted pounding bliss.  His voice is equally as haunting moving easily from deep below the earth to soaring high above the clouds, and back.  He develops beautiful melodies and then colors them further with layers of harmonies.  His sounds and compositions are unique causing most to think what a beautiful and mad mind he must have.

Mic Wynne was born in New Jersey, a military brat, moving throughout his childhood.  Both his mother and grandmother had large organs in their houses and played and sang songs, fostering Mic’s early interest in music.   Mic learned to play the organ by ear, recreating songs he heard his mother and grandmother play.  He moved to Southern California in the fifth grade and got his first guitar shortly thereafter from a swapmeet; an old abused acoustic.  Like he had with the organ, Mic learned songs by ear he heard on the radio.  When he discovered rock he pursued getting an electric guitar, which required him to work odd jobs for neighbors to earn the money to buy one at the swapmeet with a combo amp for $60.  His parents felt strongly, and correctly, that if he worked for it, he’d cherish it more.  This solidified a life-long passion with guitars and music.  Like most musicians Mic was in a variety of cover bands beginning in the sixth grade, covering the great music of the 70s and early 80s.  By college he was playing in established regional bands on the nightclub circuit such as Jaded Heart, 1986-1989.  He developed the speed and finesse chops of his guitar heros of the 80s and appeared on multiple R&B and pop music recordings, providing shredding guitar solos, as Eddie Van Halen had done with Michael Jackson.   He did guest appearances for several of these acts at arena-sized venues. 

Mic studied classical theory and guitar from 15 through college, and taught classical and rock guitar as well, for many years.  Mic was in a near-death automobile accident as a passenger, being ejected from the vehicle as it cartwheeled down the highway.  Mic sustained a serious head injury and right hand injury, with his thumb severed completely and fingers and wrist crushed.  His left hand sustained deep lacerations as well.  Mic withdrew from bands and recordings to re-learn how to play guitar with severe limitations in his right hand and then concentrated on writing songs and learning new styles of guitar playing, such as jazz.
In 2008 Mic was asked to record guitars for a punk project.  Having been in guitar seclusion for many years he entered the project with great reservations.  The existing tracks were quickly scrapped and Mic wrote the music for 12 new tracks, and lyrics for 11 of them, played guitars, keys and sang the lead vocals, for the 2009 release from Disease Within, “Killing Time.”  Killing Time was a Thrash Metal inspired record with complex time signatures, best described by one magazine as a Grungy King Crimson.  This album was very successful for an independent release, with radio play and interviews around the world, magazine articles and reviews, and a tour in 2010.  An industry legendary mastering engineer compared the music to the raw, impactful and original sound of Nirvana.
With band member changes and new material that took a more progressive/alternative/experimental hard-rock direction, Mic formed Dali’s Watch with Mike Galway bass, and Gary Venable drums in 2012 with the outline of 12 songs.  In 2013 and 2014 the band recorded “Breakfast Serial,” with Drew Mazurek mixing and mastering, and was quickly signed by Ravenhurst Records.
Mic has played on the following CDs


Multiple R&B and Pop session/guest appearances
With Disease Within, “Killing Time” 2009

With Dali's Watch, "Breakfast Serial" 2014