Gary’s drums have that pounding, penetrating, big airy, vibe, that drives the rhythm section of Dali's Watch.  His and relentless style reminds one of the legends like Ginger Baker and Billy Cobhmam.  His execution of the complex timing and arrangements of the songs is simply masterful. 

Gary is almost Canadian, hailing from the border in Erie, PA.  He is a lifetime musician, having started on saxophone, then switching to percussion in highschool.  After a variety of local cover bands Gary joined the band Curious, and toured the mid-west, Japan, and the Virgin Islands.
In the early 90s Gary was the drummer for Doug and the Cyclones, featuring Doug Yancy of Molly Hatchet and Robin Trower fame.
Gary played with a variety of dance, R&B, and fusion bands before forming Apothecary in 2005, a fusion band, with Mike Galway bass, Jeremy Cubert keyboards/Chapman Stick and Anna Koropchak violin.  The band released their self titled album "Apothecary" in 2006, then "Not Just Loud" in 2009, and "That's What You Get For Talking," in 2014.
Gary also founded the Blues Ramblers with a CD Release, “Life Goes On,” in 2014.
Gary currently plays in Dali’s Watch, Apothecary, and the Blues Ramblers.
Gary played drums on the following CDs

With Apothecary:
Self-titled "Apothecary" 2006
"Not Just Loud" 2009
"That's What You Get For Talking" 2014

With the Blues Ramblers:
"Life Goes On" 2014

With Dali’s Watch:“Breakfast Serial” 2014